Custom Boning has supplies for dress making and corset making.

We have the supplies you need for boning corsets, dresses and skirts.

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Dresses | of NYC, has all the supplies you need to bone formalwear, costumes and corset dresses. Choose from a variety...

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Make your own corsets for fun and profit with our boning products. Our products are modern and comfortable versions of much older...

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We are one of the few suppliers of hoop wire still around. We have fabric covered hoop wire for ease of installation in readymade...

At our task is simple. We supply corset makers, both professional and hobbiests with the materials they need to make both authentic and fun corsets.

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Just when it seemed the days of the lace up corset and hoop skirt were over, new trends have brought them back, at least for special occasions. The Renaissance Festival has stirred a lot of interest in the fashions of days gone by. Modernized corset designs have also been popularized by many lingerie companies. The demand for just the right corset has increased steadily during the past two decades. Finding a corset that fits though can be quite difficult unless you happen to be a perfect size 5 or 7. Commercially available corsets tend to run small and are only available in certain sizes. Sometimes they come in bra sizes and anything over a 36 C simply isn't available. Most of them lack the authentic design and original sturdiness of old fashioned corset as well. For this reason, many women choose to design and make their own corset style undergarments and corset dresses. In addition, there are many seamstresses that earn good money making beautiful custom corset style undergarments for average and plus sized women. This is a market that most national companies have vastly neglected.

Patterns can be purchased or designed to incorporate boning. It can be as easy as sewing in some hem tape with some of our products while others only require that a simple pocket seam be installed for insertion of the boning stay. Our hoop skirt boning materials are easy to use and can lend authenticity to any period costume. It is easy to add boning to any ready-made full skirt, or petticoat, or to design and sew a petticoat or skirt with boning. It is usually more authentic to use boning on the petticoat rather than the skirt, but some dress designs with hoops have proven to be quite extraordinarily beautiful.